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Ronald Reagan Senior High School

How are the  Frequency, Wavelength & Velocity of a Wave related?

  • Frequency (f): Number of waves that occur in a given period of time. Units: 1/s = Hertz, (Hz)
  • Wavelength(λ): The distance between two crests of the wave. Units: m or nm
  • Velocity(C): all electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. Units: m/s

Velocity = Wavelength x Frequency

C = λ x f

We will assume that all electromagnetic waves travel at the same velocity: 3.00 x10 8 m/s


How to calculate the energy of a wave?

The energy associated with the wave is related to the frequency through the Planck’s constant = 6.626 x10 -34 J . s

Energy = Frequency x Planck’s constant

In order to resolve the exercises properly and to be able to apply the formulas, we need each variable to be in the correct unit.