Analía Bellizzi – Chemistry Classes

Ronald Reagan Senior High School


  1. ATOMS STUDY GUIDE 2021-2022

1. This is the smallest particle of an element. ……..

2. This is a substance made up of only one kind of atom. ……..

3. The center of the atom that contains the proton and neutron is the……

4. An element that has the same number of protons but different amount of neutrons is called a/an….

5. The part of the atom with a positive charge is the….

6. The part of the atom with a negative charge is the …….

7. Most of the ……………. of an atom is in the nucleus.

8. The total number of protons in the atom is its ……..

9. The sum of the protons and neutrons in an atom is its……..

10. The part of the atom that orbits the nucleus is the …….

11. The chemical combination of two or more atoms in fixed amounts is called a…..

12. The smallest part of a compound that still is that compound is a……

13. Anything that takes up space and has mass or weight is……

14. The state of matter that has no definite size or shape is…….

15. List the names of the scientists who made the different atom theories in chronological order..

16. Draw the atom as per Dalton’s model

17. Draw the atom as per Bohr’s model

18. Draw the atom as per Rutherford’s model

19. Draw the atom as per Thompson’s model

20. Molecules are closest together in a

21. During a change of state, the temperature does not change. How can you explain this?

22. The changing of a solid to a liquid is called


Image result for blank periodic table

  • a. Metals
  • b. metalloids
  • c. Non metals
  • d. Periods
  • e. Groups
  • f. Noble gases
  • g. Halogens
  • h. Alkali metals
  • i. Earth alkaline metals
  • j. Transition metals

24. Which subatomic particle has the smallest mass?

25. What does the vertical columns of the periodic table show?

26. What is the name of the neutral subatomic particle?

27. What type substance has more protons than electrons?

28. What is the name of the negative subatomic particle?

29. What part of the periodic table shows you the number of shells that an atom needs for the electrons it has?

30. What type of substances has more electrons than protons?

31. To create a new element you would alter the…

32. What are the units for mass number or nucleon number

33. Where is most of the mass of the atom found?

35. Alpha particles are made of:

36. Beta decay occurs when an atom emits……….

37. In Alpha radiation, the atomic #………….

38. In Beta radiation the atomic #………….

39. Which will be the substance obtained when Uranium goes under alpha radiation?

40. How much Uranium will remain after two half-lives?

41. Give 3 properties of metals

42. Give 3 properties of non metals

43. A positive ion is called a ………………… A negative ion is called a……………….

44. Positive ions do not change their name, but negative ions change the suffix to ………….

45. Explain the Gold Foil Experiment.

46. Complete the electronic configuration of the following substances.


  • S =
  • Cu=
  • Fe=


  • Sr=
  • Sn
  • Fr


  • K+=
  • Mg 2+=
  • S2-=
  • Cl=